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The RAIL Committee

The Regional Action to Improve Livability (RAIL) committee advocates for transportation options, such as mass-transit and biking, and transit-oriented development in Georgia.

We support existing mass transit options in Georgia and proposed public transit projects such as:

  • Mass transit expansion in the metro Atlanta region
  • Concept 3 from the Atlanta Regional Commission
  • The Atlanta Beltline
  • The Atlanta Streetcar
  • High-speed rail connecting Atlanta to Charlotte and the national high-speed rail

We believe that transportation is a huge source of air pollution due to carbon emissions, and that traveling by car should be just one of many transportation options available to Georgians. We support funding for mass transit options, and oppose bloated road projects. We encourage sustainable, walkable community development for a better quality of life in Georgia.

Please contact Brionté McCorkle at or (404)-607-1262 if you would like to participate in the RAIL Committee.

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Committee News

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If you are interested in finding out what is happening with the RAIL committee, see our listing below. You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, our RSS Feed, and our GA-RAIL-NEWS mailing list.

Next RAIL Committee Meeting - May 26

Date: May 26, 2014
Time: 6:45 pm

GA Sierra Club Chapter Office
743-B College Ave
Decatur, GA (next to the Avondale MARTA train station) [map]

RAIL Committee members, Sierra Club members, and anyone passionate about improving transit in Georgia.

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Transportation Issues
The highways that are built to sustain sprawling suburbs add to our pollution and energy problems, and increase our dependence on an auto-centric way of life which is unhealthy, anti-social, and unsustainable. The Sierra Club encourages public transit and pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods.

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