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All Issues & Campaigns
The Conservation Committee is organized by issues. For more information or to get involved, click on the appropriate link(s) below, or contact us.
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Priority Issues & Campaigns
Beyond Factory Farming
Goal: Small family farms across America are being forced out of business by Corporate Industral Farming Operations. These large Corporate interests are polluting the local environment and leaving local and state interests to clean up pollution. Our goal is to support family farms and protect local water and air from Corporate Farming pollution.
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Commuter RAIL Campaign
Goal: To reform state and local transportation programs to reduce sprawl, provide travel choices and restore the environment. For fifty years we have tried to build our way out of congestion with ever more highways. Now we have a system which pollutes our air, promotes obesity and disrupts communities with continual demands to widen roads. We are using a combination of public education, litigation and lobbying to implement a new vision for transportation, one that is safe, healthy, convenient and sustainable.

Contact: David Emory at or call (404)-607-1262 x-225.

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Savannah Harbor
Goal: To protect the ecology and ecosystems at the mouth of the Savannah River and area coastal aquatic biodiversity. To restore the local fresh water estuaries and to support no harbor deepening if it harms the environment.

Contacts: Judy Jennings at or Steve Willis at

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Legislative Liaison Program
Goal: Help the Georgia Sierra Club achieve its political and legislative goals by getting to know your state senator or representative and share your thoughts on environmental issues you care about.

Contact: Mark Woodall at (706)-601-1118

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Wildlands And Wildlife Committee
Goal: To protect Georgia's remaining Wildlands and Wildlife.


  • Committee Chair: Alan Toney, (770)-456-1446,;
  • Vice Conservation Chair: Larry Winsett,
  • Wildlands Committee Chair: [vacant]
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Other Issues & Campaigns
Clean Air
Goal: To ensure the right of our children and ourselves to breathe clean air by supporting the full and timely implementation of state and federal clean air laws.
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Goal: To protect Georgia's coastline counties from pollution and overdevelopment.
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Coastal Marsh
Goal: To protect the coastal marshes and estuaries, and to prevent development and road building on the Marsh Hammocks along Georgia Coast.
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Cumberland Island
Goal: To work with the island residents to ensure maximum protection for the Island beaches and wilderness areas while ensuring walking access to all of the island.
Endangered Species
Goal: To maintain global biological diversity and prevent habitat alteration and destruction.

Contacts: Larry Winslett, ; Alan Toney, 770-456-1446,

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-  Website:
Federal Public Lands
Goal: Our public lands should be maintained for the benefit of our children and many more generations into the future. We have a responsibility to protect and restore our public lands as habitats for endangered species and reservoirs of biological diversity. In order to do this we must reduce mining, timbering and grazing on our public lands and help the surrounding communities transition from extraction economies to restoration economies.
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Forest Issues
Goal: To end commercial logging on the Chattahoochee National Forest and protect the remaining wilderness areas from road building and exploitation. To promote congressional designation of new wilderness areas, national recreation areas, and wild and scenic river designations.
-  Website:
Fresh Water Protections Committee
Goal: To encourage public involvement in efforts to clean streams and enforce our state and federal water quality laws.

Contact: Committee chair Sam Booher at 706-863-2324 or

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-  Website:
Historical Places & Archeological Sites
National Forests
-  Read More: Overview | Updates | Related Articles
Nuclear Waste
Goal: To promote the reduced dependency on nuclear energy until such time as a safe system is developed for handling and storage of residual waste.
-  Website:
Okefenokee Swamp
Goal: To remain a watchdog to prevent mining on Trail Ridge and to assist with purchase of DuPont land interests so that the National Wildlife Refuge can include high ground for wildlife survival.
Goal: To promote global population stabilization by encouraging federal support of family planning, education, and appropriate economic development in developing nations, with a special emphasis on helping women.
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-  Mailing List: CONS-SPST-POPULATION-NEWS  (subscribe / unsubscribe)
-  Website:
Goal: Encourage all Georgians to value our rivers and support public and private efforts to reduce pollution, protect river corridors and restore our rivers and streams to natural standards.
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State Lands / Stone Mtn / Jekyll
Goal: To protect Georgia's inportant wildlands and wildlife habitats on all state-owned lands. At Stone Mountain, our goal is to strengthen the protections for existing natural areas and to increase public awareness and involvement in efforts to protect one of Georgia's greatest natural wonders.
Stop I-3
Goal: To preserve the mountains, the forests, the streams and lakes of the Southern Appalachians.
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-  Mailing List: Stop I-3 Coalition Newsletter  (subscribe / unsubscribe)
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Tidelands Conservation Committee
Goal: To engage Sierra Club members in protecting coastal marshland with legislative, legal, scientific, technical, communications and advocacy techniques.

Contact: Mark Mosely at or (912)-399-0794.

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Wilderness Protection
-  Read More: Overview | Updates | Related Articles
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