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Clean Air



GOAL: To ensure the right of our children and ourselves to breathe clean air by supporting the full and timely implementation of state and federal clean air laws.

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  OVERVIEW: In his 2003 State of the Union address, President Bush touted a plan that mandates a 70 percent cut in air pollution from power plants over the next 15 years. But why did that Administration brag about a plan that would actually result in more pollution than if we simply enforced the existing Clean Air Act? Who stands to benefit from placing communities at risk, particularly children and the elderly who are significantly threatened by air pollution? Details...
Aug-20-2014: People's Climate March in New York - Sep 21
We took a stand to bend the course of history.
Jul-21-2014: Rally and March on Clean Power Plan: Jul 29
Join us on Jul 29 at 12 Noon, Woodruff Park, Atlanta
Nov-12-2012: Beyond Coal: 'Do The Math' After-Party on Nov 20
Help us retire coal power plants with clean renewable energy!
Mar-26-2012: Plant Washington Air Permit Hearing - Apr 09
Join us at 230 P'tree St. NW, Suite 850, 9:30a-4:30p.
Aug-05-2011: Plant Washington Hearing in Sandersville - Aug 18
Join us to say NO to new plant, YES to clean energy in GA!
Jul-05-2011: Join Us for a "Kickin' Coal" Kickball Match: Jul 23
WHO: Savannah area residents, Sierra Club, and YOU
May-09-2011: EPA needs YOUR Support for a Strong Mercury Rule
EPA is moving to regulate toxins from coal-fired power plants
Apr-21-2011: Court Rules Against LS Power's Longleaf Coal-fired Power Plant
EPD Permit for "Minor" Source Sent Back to Agency
Apr-10-2011: Stop Polluters: Mercury and Hair Testing Info
Pregnant women and children are at the greatest risk.
Mar-16-2011: GA Power To Shut 2 Coal Units at Plant Branch
Club statement on GA Power decision to shut old, dirty units
Jan-04-2011: Financial Concerns about Coal Plants Spread
Cobb EMC Chief Dwight Brown Is Indicted
Dec-17-2010: Judge Rejects Permit for proposed Plant Washington
Court rules GA failed to set safe limits on pollutants.
Dec-02-2010: Alert: Protect Georgia's Water from Dirty Coal!
Proposed plant would harm our state's water resources.
Oct-29-2010: Tour All of Georgia's Dirty Coal Plants - Nov 17
Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta from 12-2pm
Oct-07-2010: Ovie Mughelli: "Protect Kids from Toxic Coal Ash"
Atlanta Falcons fullback tells how you can help.
Sep-15-2010: September Hearing: Plant Washington Permit Appeal
Proposed 854-megawatt coal-fired power plant
Oct-14-2009: Let's Speak Out Against Coal-Fired Plant Washington
2nd Georgia EPD hearing to be held on October 20.
Feb-28-2009: Helping that Matters: Volunteers needed - Mar 21
2 volunteer shifts remain for Clean Energy promotion
Feb-27-2009: EPD Q&A Hearing for Plant Washington - March 5
Georgia EPD hosts Q&A Hearing in Sandersville, GA
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