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  Issues & Campaigns

Nothing will influence the future of our planet more than the way we produce and consume energy. It is now obvious America must move past nuclear power, coal and petroleum and that our nation has hard, urgent choices to make about our energy future.

 Smart Energy Solutions Transportation 
 The Sierra Club has made the push for "Smart Energy Solutions" its highest priority over the next 5-to-10 years. Read More » Transportation is a huge source of carbon emissions, and commuters fighting traffic congestion need choices. Read More » 
 · Clean Air
 · Read More »
 · Commuter RAIL Campaign
 · Read More »
 Fresh Water Coastal Protections 
 We work to educate and enlist the public in protecting and restoring the quality of our national waters and wetlands. Read More » We work to protect coastal marshland with legislative, legal, scientific, technical, communications and advocacy techniques. Read More » 
 · Fresh Water Protections Committee
 · Read More »
 · Savannah Harbor
 · Tidelands Conservation Committee
 · Read More »
 Wildlands and Wildlife All Issues & Campaigns 
 The Sierra Club seeks to engage a broad spectrum of citizens around the values of protecting wildlife, public lands, and special places. Read More » We provide many opportunities to make a big impact with little effort. Help us give back to the environment. Read More » 
 · Endangered Species
 · National Forests
 · Wilderness Protection
 · Wildlands And Wildlife Committee
 · Read More »
 Conservation Links  
 A selection of Sierra Club conservation initiative sites, as well as other conservation-minded sites and governmental agencies. Read More »   
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"The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem.
"Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others."
- Pres. Theodore Roosevelt
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