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GA Power To Shut 2 Coal Units at Plant Branch
Source: GA Sierra Club

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Sierra Club applauded GA Power's decision to close 2 units at Plant Branch, near Milledgeville. From C. Kiernan, GA Chapter Director: "We applaud every step taken to make way for a clean energy future."
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  [Atlanta, GA] Sierra Club applauded Georgia Power's decision to shutter two units at Plant Branch, near Milledgeville, Georgia. "It's been a long time coming," said Colleen Kiernan, Georgia Chapter Director. "The Sierra Club has been actively pressuring Georgia Power to ‘clean ‘em up or shut ‘em down' for over ten years, and we applaud every step taken to make way for a clean energy future."

Unit 1 came online in 1965 and Unit 2 followed in 1967, meaning that they will both be pushing 50 if they are retired in 2013, as Georgia Power has planned. "The Clean Air Act works," said Erin Glynn, Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Organizer, "by making it uneconomical for this old, dirty plant to continue operating, which will make way for newer, cleaner sources of energy, like solar and wind."

While Georgia Power retires coal and other states make plans to move beyond coal, Georgia currently has three proposed coal-fired power plants that would cost excess of $5 billion dollars. The projects are bring proposed by LS Power Corporation, a New Jersey based energy company, and Power4Georgians, a project les by embattle CEO Dwight Brown of Cobb EMC.

The Georgia Sierra Club is continuing to oppose three proposed coal-fired power plants and Kiernan notes that "the economics for new coal plants will be similarly challenging." Georgia Power has said that they do not intend to bring any new coal online going forward.

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