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{Chapter Footnotes #43} Transit Funding for Metro Atlanta? Not from GDOT!

Source: GA Sierra Club

Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Maria Saporta's blog discusses proposed Atlanta project lists
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  Maria Saporta's blog discusses the proposed project lists for the Atlanta area, which are the talk of the town. What about the role that the State of Georgia is playing in helping fund the transit systems? Well, the truth is that the State of Georgia isn't playing any role.

It will not invest in sustaining and expanding the transit systems. If the proposed transportation tax goes through, metro Atlantans will be contributing to their own growth and future. However, the State does not want to fund the future even though Metro Atlanta contributes billions of dollars to the State through the 4-cent sales tax and 7.5-cent motor fuel tax.

The task of creating those project lists for transportation is difficult because there is not enough money to help create a sustainable transit system -- the State could help fuel the growth and provide help for the future of metro Atlanta.

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