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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That should be the motto of Freecycle™

We all do our best to Refuse, Reuse, and Recycle, but I bet we could do a lot more if we just knew how. Take a look at the discards that you send to the curb on “trash day”. Do you think anyone could use any of it? Or look at the mound of “trash” that your not-very-green neighbor puts out on the curb practically every pick-up day. There goes a nice bicycle, you exclaim, and a vacuum cleaner in better shape than yours, and look at all the cardboard boxes!!!

Freecycle helps us do our part to reduce waste and the burden on landfills, by simply using list-serve technology to find someone who wants our discards. It may be hard to believe at first what some people would want, and drive a few miles to take. The boxes and foam packing material that your new products come in become “moving boxes” to folks who need them for that purpose. Or excess project lumber, paint, wire, carpeting, caulk, tiles, fiberglass batting, rope; even windows, doors; and those toys your children outgrew. Freecycle items ideally are those that would otherwise go to landfills, that local charities generally can’t accept. Broken down, but reparable items—yard equipment, a pressure washer, bikes, exercise equipment, tent, power tools; or stuff you can’t transport to the thrift store: sofa, refrigerator, desk, rug, blankets, large tire for a tree swing; or weird stuff, like your old trophies, Avon bottles you thought would be worth something but aren’t, dog food, magazines; the list goes on right to the kitchen sink.

You offer the item on a post; someone (often several people) request it. You email them back to say they can have it and arrange for pick up; they come out and pick it up; you both benefit, and you meet a new friend. It’s fun. Of course there are some guidelines. You will learn these upon joining.
You can also ask for items; you simply post a “Wanted”, for whatever you’d like to have.

Freecycle™ is a Yahoo site; access it at Find your nearest group, and join. Set your preferences to receive all posts, once-a-day compilation, or no emails (go to the site and access the messages when you want to; read them all or search for what you are looking for). Do it soon, or you may miss out on that sewing machine my wife is ready to offer up.

-- Written by Rick Krause of the Sierra Club's Georgia Chapter Greater Gwinnett Group

Local Resources

Click here for a guide to local recycling resources. Please note that these resources change on a regular basis and it is a good idea to contact them before making the trip.

For More Information

Send an email to our Recyling Chair Sheri Workman.